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For the Layman: A Survey of the Old Testament

For the Layman: A Survey of the Old Testament
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For ages 12 and up

8 x 11 | paperback

Includes 4 audio cassettes

A Survey of the Old Testament

Additional Workbook

For many people, the Old Testament is simply a collection of scattered Sunday school stories. Most people are familiar with the accounts of David and Goliath, Noah's ark, and Daniel and the lion's den, but few individuals can place these narratives in any sort of chronological order.

For the Layman: A Survey of the Old Testament is a non-denominational, historical overview filled with foundational information every student of the Bible should have. Using a series of four audio cassette tapes and a workbook, Ken Levy guides students on a chronological tour through every book of the Old Testament.

Students study how the Old Testament was put together, its major divisions, and what makes it unique. In addition to the book-by-book study, the workbook also contains maps, artwork, and articles discussing the feasts and festivals of Israel, the names of God, and the sacrifices and offerings of the Old Testament.

This course was created specifically for the layperson. Ken Levy's purpose is to make biblical history accessible for everyone.

For the Layman: A Survey of the Old Testament will deepen the understanding of your student's faith and give historical significance to the life and times of early biblical characters.